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VIDEO: Earthquake? Nope … Raccoon.

New Mexico Transformer Explosion

In December, a raccoon climbed onto a transformer in a Rio Rancho, N.M., substation. The result: a “horrific” explosion that “felt like an earthquake” to a next-door neighbor. The blast shut down power to nearly 10,000, and charred expensive equipment. See the explosion, the reaction of bystanders and the ultimate […]

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NEWS: TransGard Announces “Five Worst” List for 2017

5 worst

ANIMALS AND SUBSTATIONS DON’T MIX THE FIVE WORST ANIMAL-CAUSED OUTAGES OF 2017   (NEW FREEDOM, Pa) — Loud explosions, dangerous fires, entire cities gone dark … there’s a lot of mayhem on this year’s list of the worst substation outages caused by climbing animals. Each year, TransGard — maker of […]

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SPECIAL NOTICE: New TransGard Contact Numbers

NEW LOCATION, NEW PHONE NUMBER   On Monday, December 18, TransGard will officially move operations to a new location. As part of that upgrade, TransGard will also have contact information. Please update your contact records to reflect the changes: Phone: (717) 900-6140 Fax: (717) 850-2657   On December 18, we […]

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