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TransGard’s patented system is leading the animal-deterrent fencing for electrical substations. Watch this video for details on how it works.

At a Glance: Ease of Installation

As we’ve noted above, one of the biggest assets of a TransGard fence is how quickly it can be installed. A team of just 2-3 people can place a fence around a substation in less than a day, without the need for specialized equipment, and without having to power down the substation.

Laser Bird Defense

TransGard’s Laser Bird Defense – both the Programmable Mounted and Handheld Laser use proven technology to keep birds from roosting in substations. 

Penn Power: Installing New Substation Fencing

In the spring of 2019, squirrels entered Penn Power’s western Pennsylvania substations and disrupted power to thousands of customers across four counties. Penn Power turned to TransGard for help. 

Protecting Wildlife and Power

See what LPEA CEO, Mike Dreyspring, has to say about investing in their substations to keep the power on while protecting the “furry and feathered [members]” with TransGard Solutions.

Penn Power and Interior TransGard fencing

Penn Power is wrapping up the installation of new interior fencing in three substations to help deter climbing animals that often seek food, shelter and warmth during the cold-weather months, as well as protect against electrical equipment interference that can cause power outages.


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