NEWS: GHMR now offers TransGard fences in five southern states


(YORK, Pa.)TransGard announced today that GHMR Co. Inc. will represent its patented animal-prevention substation fencing in five southern states. To date, TransGard has installed the proven deterrent at 3,000+ substations in North America.

GHMR Co. Inc., a professional sales organization specializing in products for the electric power utility marketplace, will offer TransGard fencing to utilities and other substation operators in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Florida.

TransGard fencing prevents substation outages caused by squirrels, snakes, raccoons, cats and other animals. TransGard has become widely used because it remains the only fencing that deters climbing animals by delivering a mild electric shock. This humane technique, according to IEEE, delivers the most effective barrier against animal incursion.

“We’re very pleased to add a product of TransGard’s caliber to our lineup,” said Tom Wichers, president of GHMR. “We see significant potential in TransGard because of its patented design and its long track record of preventing animal incursions at substations. The company’s focus on continuing innovations set TransGard apart in a rapidly growing market segment.”

For information on TransGard fence systems and how they eliminate substation outages caused by climbing animals, visit For information on GHMR, and its services, visit

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TransGard, based in York, Pennsylvania, delivers patented fencing exclusively engineered to eliminate substation outages caused by climbing animals. TransGard has installed fences at more than 3,000 substations in the U.S. and Canada. For more information or to view case studies, visit

GHMR Co Inc., is a professional sales organization specializing in sales for manufacturers of products for the electric power utility marketplace. GHMR represents quality products and delivers superior service with an outside and inside sales team located throughout the South.  For more information, visit

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