NEWS RELEASE: TransGard announces complimentary site audits

TransGard announced today that it will provide complimentary substation Site Audits to any power provider in the United States. The substation Site Audit provides a detailed assessment of the outage threat caused by squirrels, raccoons, snakes and other climbing animals.

TransGard, which manufactures patented substation fencing that prevents animal incursion, has installed its systems at 2,500 substations operated by dozens of providers across North America.

Bill Reichard, president of TransGard, said the Site Audit includes an in-person inspection of a substation — or multiple substations. The process includes a topographical and environmental review and recommendations for reducing threats from native species.

Though TransGard performs dozens of Site Audits every year, Reichard said the company will offer the audits at no cost in 2016 after the uptick in animal activity following an unseasonably warm winter across much of the U.S.

“Based on the warm winter and the dozens of reports of animal caused outages already, we are encouraging substation operators to consider strategies for protecting their assets,” Reichard said. “Our audit process provides practical strategies for preventing incursion by squirrels, snakes and other species.”

Substation operators can arrange a site audit by visiting or by calling 717.227.2600.

The company also announced that, for all fences installed by TransGard personnel, it will double the warranty on its substation fencing for utilities, electric cooperatives, municipalities and other substation operators.

Climbing animals cause substation outages in urban, suburban and remote locations across North America. A single outage can cost tens of thousands of dollars in equipment and man-hours, not to mention frustrated customers.

TransGard offers the only substation fence that delivers a mild electric shock that deters climbing animals without harming them, or humans — a humane approach that offers the most effective barrier against animal incursion. For details, or to arrange a visit

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