NEWS: TransGard Installs 3,000th Fence


Climbing animals have caused thousands of substation outages costing millions of dollars. The good news:  TransGard fencing, which stops animals in their tracks. In fact, TransGard recently announced we’ve installed fencing at more than 3,000 substations. Why are so many utilities and co-ops turning to TransGard? It works. Here’s how:

UNIQUE DESIGN DETERS MULTIPLE SPECIES    TransGard’s specially engineered fence delivers a mild shock that deters squirrels, raccoons, opossums, snakes and other climbing animals.

EASY TO INSTALL, NO POWER INTERRUPTION  A crew of three can complete a typical TransGard enclosure in just four hours with basic tools — no special training, no heavy equipment, no power shutdown required.

MODULAR STRUCTURE FOR FLEXIBILITY   TransGard uses a series of panels that offer freestanding protection. Any panel can be used as hinged gateway for quick maintenance access, and the system can easily be expanded or reconfigured.

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