NEWS: TransGard Releases Fencing Installation Video


(May 3, 2017 — NEW FREEDOM, Pa)    It’s been in the field for 20 years and currently protects more than 2,500 substations across North America. Now, substation operators can see firsthand the simple process of installing TransGard animal deterrent fencing.

TransGard announced today that it has posted an installation video, available for complimentary view on the company’s website and YouTube. The company manufactures the only substation fencing that delivers a non-lethal, electric shock that prevents climbing animals from entering a substation. Each year, animal incursion in substations results in hundreds of outages across the across the U.S., at a cost of millions of dollars.

The nine-minute video, available on the TransGard website, offers substation site managers a detailed view of a half-day installation – from site preparation to fence activation:

• Ease of installation: a team of 2-3 people can install a 300-foot TransGard fence in half a day – without special training or equipment, and without having to “power down” the substation.

• Modular, durable design: Substation operators can easily reuse TransGard panels, reconfigure a fence, or add new panels to expand a system. Any section of TransGard fencing can be used as hinged gateway, providing quick maintenance access.

• Freestanding protection: TransGard requires far less material, expense and time than a perimeter fence. It installs on the ground, requiring no postholes, foundation or concrete.

“We’ve always emphasized how quick and easy it is to install a TransGard fence,” says Bill Reichard, President of TransGard. “This video shows in detail how dependable substation protection can be added without complicated construction.”

To view the video, read testimonials from utilities, and to find out more about TransGard fences, visit

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