NEWS: Raccoons — the fastest-growing threat to substations

Squirrels cause the most outages at substations, but lately raccoons have been working hard to catch up. In Knoxville, TN, last month, raccoon contact caused a huge flash, a shower of sparks, and then total darkness for 40,000 customers.

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It was hardly an isolated incident. Raccoons are responsible for an increasing number of substation outages – and it’s no fluke Here are key facts you should know:

The raccoon population has exploded …   

There are now an estimated 15-20 times more raccoons than there were in the 1930s.

Raccoons roam … 

During mating, they may wander a 20-square mile area, making it more likely they’ll come across a warm substation.

Raccoons are very smart …

They can remember solutions to problems for years – which is why they can bypass or outsmart many of the less-effective substation protections on the market.

TransGard designed its fence to counteract instinctive behaviors of climbing animals like racoons. TransGard delivers a humane electric shock that turns away climbing animals. And, because raccoons are so intelligent, they remember and avoid substations protected by TransGard. Think your substation may be at risk? Complete this form for a no-cost, no-obligation risk assessment.


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More information about raccoon electric barrier fencing.

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