E-NEWS: TransGard’s Stealthy Advantages … Revealed

Four Hidden Advantages Every Substation Operator Should Know

TransGard fences now protect more than 3,000 substations. Simply put, it works in the field. (Just ask our customers.) But TransGard also offers significant — and often overlooked — advantages over other deterrents:

  • FAST INSTALLATION    If a substation experiences a series of animal incursions, there’s no time to waste. TransGard, which installs in half a day, offers immediate protections. Other methods can take weeks or months of measuring and fabrication, leaving a substation vulnerable.
  • NO SPECIAL TOOLS, NO DOWNTIME  Some deterrents require you to power down during installation — an expense, and a hassle. Or, they require the purchase of costly tools specifically for a single job. With TransGard, there’s no substation down time — plus, it installs easily with tools you already have.
  • A MAJOR COST ADVANTAGE   The TransGard system has been approved as a capital cost that a utility can depreciate over 20 years. Retrofit deterrents, like coverups, offer no depreciation advantage.
  • KEEPS ANIMALS OUT … COMPLETELY    TransGard’s mild electric shock prevents entry and deters the return of climbing animals. Coverups actually allow animal invasions, but protect individual pieces of equipment. If you let squirrels use a substation as a playground, they’ll eventually find unprotected equipment … and cause an outage.

When it’s time to protect your substation, your bottom line, and your reputation, consider these advantages. For a quote, a complimentary site audit, or downloads with more detail, visit our Resources page.

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