NEWS RELEASE: TransGard Introduces SnakeStop


(YORK, Pa) —  TransGard, manufacturer of the only substation fencing that deters climbing animals by delivering a mild electric shock, announced today the release of its new SnakeStop matting.

SnakeStop is a ground-based, electrified boundary specifically engineered to prevent snake incursions at substations. It employs the same proven, patented TransGard fence panel technology that has been successful in preventing climbing animal incursions at more than 3,000 substations across the U.S.

SnakeStop consists of simple, easy-to-install components including: (see diagram below)

  • 90-and 45-degree angled corners (Figure A)  to accommodate any substation footprint
  • Walkover points (Figure B) for easy access to and from substation
  • Optional removable anchors (Figure C) to secure SnakeStop against winds of up to a Category 5 hurricane

SnakeStop is also:

  • Easy-to-install: can be installed in one day using basic tools
  • Removable: as easy to remove or adjust as it is to install
  • Durable: Constructed of sturdy, V-O flammability-rated PVC, aluminum and stainless steel materials
  • Versatile: adaptable to surfaces from asphalt to sand
  • Patent Pending

“Snake-caused outages are a serious challenge at substations, especially in the southern and southwestern United States,” said Bill Reichard, TransGard President. “SnakeStop uses proven technology to protect substations against costly outages that occur as a result of snake incursions.” 

To learn more about SnakeStop, click below.

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