E-NEWS: TransGard’s Stealthy Advantages … Revealed


Four Hidden Advantages Every Substation Operator Should Know TransGard fences now protect more than 3,000 substations. Simply put, it works in the field. (Just ask our customers.) But TransGard also offers significant — and often overlooked — advantages over other deterrents: FAST INSTALLATION    If a substation experiences a series of animal […]

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NEWS: First Animal-Caused Outages of 2018 Reported

electric fence barrier fencing squirrels

Well, that didn’t take long. The first animal-caused power outage of the new year was reported on January 3, when a squirrel was blamed for shutting down the campus of San Jose State University. In the days that followed, climbing animals caused outages in substations as far apart as rural […]

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VIDEO: Earthquake? Nope … Raccoon.

New Mexico Transformer Explosion

In December, a raccoon climbed onto a transformer in a Rio Rancho, N.M., substation. The result: a “horrific” explosion that “felt like an earthquake” to a next-door neighbor. The blast shut down power to nearly 10,000, and charred expensive equipment. See the explosion, the reaction of bystanders and the ultimate […]

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NEWS: TransGard Announces “Five Worst” List for 2017

5 worst

ANIMALS AND SUBSTATIONS DON’T MIX THE FIVE WORST ANIMAL-CAUSED OUTAGES OF 2017   (NEW FREEDOM, Pa) — Loud explosions, dangerous fires, entire cities gone dark … there’s a lot of mayhem on this year’s list of the worst substation outages caused by climbing animals. Each year, TransGard — maker of […]

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SPECIAL NOTICE: New TransGard Contact Numbers

NEW LOCATION, NEW PHONE NUMBER   On Monday, December 18, TransGard will officially move operations to a new location. As part of that upgrade, TransGard will also have contact information. Please update your contact records to reflect the changes: Phone: (717) 900-6140 Fax: (717) 850-2657   On December 18, we […]

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TransGard Featured in Podcast


Recently, Utility Products selected TransGard for a podcast interview. The magazine interviewed TransGard President Bill Reichard about the qualities that make the fencing unique in the industry. The podcast covers the system’s key elements, installation details and other features. The podcast also shows, for the first time, some new drone footage of […]

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VIDEO: Substation Explodes After Squirrel Incursion

NC Substation fire

It’s becoming a recurring theme this year:  a small animal scurries into an unprotected substation. Moments later … an expensive — and incredibly dangerous — fire. Take a look at this video of an October substation fire in North Carolina … be sure to watch to the end to see the exploding equipment. The cause: […]

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NEWS: TransGard Installs 3,000th Fence

TransGard Entryway closeup

NOW PROTECTING 3,000 SUBSTATIONS … AND COUNTING Climbing animals have caused thousands of substation outages costing millions of dollars. The good news:  TransGard fencing, which stops animals in their tracks. In fact, TransGard recently announced we’ve installed fencing at more than 3,000 substations. Why are so many utilities and co-ops turning to […]

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NEWS: TransGard to Exhibit at ICUEE Oct 3-5

ICUEE logo

TransGard announced it will exhibit its patented fencing at the 2017 ICUEE Demo Expo in Louisville, KY, Oct. 3-5.  ICUEE is the premiere, hands-on event for the utility industry. Stop by Booth 3027 to chat and learn more about the only substation fencing that delivers a humane—but effective—electric shock that deters climbing animals. […]

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NEWS: Summer of snakes! Outages plague U.S. substations

Snake proof fence substation outage prevention

Squirrels and raccoons get the most publicity when it comes to substation outages. But a series of recent snake outages shows that legless crawlers also do their fair share of damage: More than 22,000 people in Jacksonville, FL, were left without power when a red rat snake crawled into a […]

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CASE STUDY: “The best system …” eliminates outages in Kentucky

Snake shed skin

CASE STUDY:  West Kentucky Rural Electric Cooperative Corporation West Kentucky Rural Electric Cooperative Corporation (WKRECC) supplies energy via 12 substations to approximately 38,000 members across five counties in Western Kentucky. The cooperative had been experiencing a frustrating number of recurring outages due to raccoons, snakes and cats causing repeated damage […]

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E-NEWS: Raccoons on the rise

raccoon electric barrier fencing deterrent for avoiding substation power outages

Here’s a headline you don’t want to see: “Raccoon causes thousands to lose power.”  But it happened just a few days ago in Florida — and it’s hardly an isolated incident. In the past month alone, raccoons have done serious damage to substations in Indiana, Michigan, Georgia … and who knows where else. Why do raccoons present such a […]

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NEWS: TransGard Hires Ryan Topping as Inside Sales Rep

Ryan Topping WEB

(May 2, 2017—NEW FREEDOM, Pa.) TransGard announced today that Ryan Topping has joined the company as its new Inside Sales Representative. The company manufactures patented substation fencing that currently prevents incursions by climbing animals at more than 2,500 substations in North America. In his role, Topping will be responsible for […]

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NEWS: TransGard Releases Fencing Installation Video

TransGard video grab

SHOWS VIEWERS STEPS FOR INSTALLING PROVEN ANIMAL DETERRENT (May 3, 2017 — NEW FREEDOM, Pa)    It’s been in the field for 20 years and currently protects more than 2,500 substations across North America. Now, substation operators can see firsthand the simple process of installing TransGard animal deterrent fencing. TransGard announced […]

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NEWS: Five Steps to Preventing Substation Outages


Substation operators can avoid expensive headaches with this simple review (April 20, 2017 — NEW FREEDOM, Pa.)    What’s the number one goal of utilities, electric cooperatives, municipalities and other substation operators? Reliability. But one of the biggest threats to reliability is also one of the least predictable:  the environment. Changes […]

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